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Intellectual property

Intellectual property
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Patent no. US  85566626 Registration no.
Trademark name V
Trademark name (English) V
Trademark owner Pak's Trading Europe B.V. (Information of the patent holder: this can be different from the original registration)
Product category 025
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Commercialization information

Commercialization information
Designated product Coats; Footwear; Gloves; Headgear, namely, hats, caps, and berets; Jackets; Jeans; Pants; Raincoats; Scarves; Shawls; Shirts; Shoes; Shorts; Suits; T-shirts; Tops; Underwear; Women's clothing, namely, shirts, dresses, skirts, blouses
Trade type of the I.P Rights transfer ( Overall )
Decide after agreement
I.P stage Idea stage

#Coats, #Footwear, #Gloves, #Headgear, #namely, #hats, #caps, #Jackets