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Intellectual property
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Patent no. US  15/682,119 Registration no. 10,257,605
Patent no. CN  201720999448.8 Registration no. ZL201720999448.8
Patent no. JP  2017-004001 Registration no. 3213464
Patent no. IN  201814026432 Registration no.
Patent no. VN  1-2018-03133 Registration no.
Patent no. TW  107209647 Registration no. M569988
Patent no. PH  1-2018-000200 Registration no.
Name of the invention Earphone protection device
Name of the invention(English) Earphone protection device
I.P sector Others
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Commercialization information
I.P Abstract & Summary Disclosed herein is an earphone protection device. The earphone protection device includes a pair of earphone covers and a pair of adjustment cables. An outer first space and an inner second space are formed inside each of the earphone covers. The first space provides a path adapted to guide earphones through accommodation, and also provides a coupling structure so that the earphone covers are assembled together and closed after the earphones have been accommodated inside the earphone covers.
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