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Patent no. US  15/210,384 Registration no. 9,736,565
Patent no. CN  201610562753.0 Registration no. ZL201610562753.0
Patent no. HK  17103610.5 Registration no.
Name of the invention Earphone speaker protection device
Name of the invention(English) Earphone speaker protection device
I.P sector Others
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Commercialization information
I.P Abstract & Summary The invention provides an earphone speaker protection device. The earphone speaker protection device comprises: a pair of earphone cover units each comprising an inner space formed on one side thereof and opened to allow a speaker of an earphone to be inserted, and a connection means disposed on the other side thereof; and a cable mounted on the earphone cover units and provided with a stopping unit disposed on one side thereof and mounted on the connection means of the earphone cover units and a binding unit which is disposed on the other side thereof, and can slide while surrounding an earphone wire. The earphone speaker protection device is easily mounted and detached from an existing earphone, prevents an inflow of a foreign substance when storing the earphone speaker protection device, and has a convenient structure for use. Specifically, the length of the cable surrounding the earphone wire after mounting the earphone cover units can be adjusted by a length adjustment member to s
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