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Real-time status of I.P rights for sale
Global : Total - 53
Real-time status of global I.P rights
Patent : Total - 46
Utility model : Total - 1
Design : Total - 0
Trademark : Total - 6
Purchase I.P rights By purchasing the necessary I.P rights, shorten the registration period and it’s the safest way to avoid rejection during the review process. PURCHASE
Selling I.P rights Users can sell unwanted I.P rights to recover their application costs and avoid paying unnecessary maintenance costs. SELL
Global I.P trading inquiries To purchase global I.P from domestic or overseas corporations or to sell global I.P that are not applicable to domestic / global companies. READ MORE

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To enhance the value of technology and to reinforce corporate competitiveness, IP-MARKET suggests an optimum plan to utilize domestic and global IP rights.

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